Recruiter / Researcher

Location: Lviv, Ukraine
Date Posted: 04-27-2017

Your skills:

— Have at least 1 year of experience in recruiting
— Know how to search for people in LinkedIn, GitHub, UpWork
— Know how to use X-Ray Search
— Know what recruitment pipeline is
— Can get reference from previous working place of candidate
— Can distinguish extravert from introvert personality type
— Can differentiate back-end and front-end development
— Practice time-management

We offer:

— Well organized recruitment process
— 20 working-days paid vacations and sick leave
— Office in the center of the city
— Professional development
— Personal mentorship from company’s founders


— Being responsible for recruitment, selection and adaptation processes
— Generating and maintaining candidates pipeline and relationships for future reference
Bring your skills and passion and join our team!
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